Oh my gosh, like where do I begin with explaining why I've been away from my blog for so long - ugh real life has been very busy since my last post, which is rather unfortunate because I had some lovely Xmas themed goodies to post here and now it's too late :( Guess I'll keep them on my external til this Xmas.

I even had some Valentine's goodies for you, but I missed that too! I'll post a few because I guess they could be used in digital scrapbook layouts :)

Anyway, sorry I've been absent. I can't promise to be a regular blogger and gifter of freebies, but I'll try to get here as often as I can.

Blessings to you all! :)

Been super busy lately so I've not had time to update my blog with any goodies for a few days, sorry guys. But I had this one sitting in my folder, thinking I had already uploaded it - doh! So here you are - I hope you like it and have fun with it.

Remember to come back and show me how you use it - please!

Don't forget to leave some love as I always love to hear from you (",)

Hi all, I need some cheering up today so I thought I would make myself feel better by giving you all some more freebies. Remember that I'd love to see what you create so please come back and leave a link to your image :)

Don't forget to leave some love, I love to hear from you ♥


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